PanopticNeRF-360: Panoramic 3D-to-2D Label Transfer in Urban Scenes

ARXIV 2023

Xiao Fu1, Shangzhan Zhang1, Tianrun Chen1, Yichong Lu1,
Xiaowei Zhou1, Andreas Geiger2, Yiyi Liao1

1Zhejiang University    2University of Tübingen and Tübingen AI Center


PanopticNeRF-360 renders panoramic 2D panoptic labels from readily available coarse 3D bounding primitives.

Overall Framework


At each 3D location, we combine scene features obtained from a deep MLP and multi-resolution hash grids to jointly model geometry, appearance and semantics. We leverage dual semantic fields to obtain two semantic categorical logits. Our method allows for rendering panoptic labels by combining the learned semantic field and a fixed instance field determined by the 3D bounding primitives. The losses applied to fixed semantic and instance field improve the geometry. The learned semantic loss serves to improve the 3D semantic predictions, which allows for resolving the label ambiguity at the bbox intersection regions.

Panoramic Semantic/Instance Label Transfer

360º Outward Rotated Label & Appearance Synthesis

Fixed Instance Optimization

Neural Scene Representation

Ours achieve a trade-off between label quality and appearance.
Label quality : MLP > (slightly) Ours > Tri-planes            Appearance : Ours > MLP > Tri-planes

Hybrid Feature Aggregation

“concatenation” performs better than “product” to fuse MLPs and hash grids to avoid jagged geometric errors.


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